Three places to watch the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix

Race tickets are especially expensive, but if you're looking for somewhere to watch the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix, these are three locations worth checking out.
F1 Grand Prix of Brazil
F1 Grand Prix of Brazil / Vince Mignott/MB Media/GettyImages

There’s a major event going down in Las Vegas in a few days as the Las Vegas Grand Prix brings Formula 1 to “Sin City.” Set for Saturday, November 18, this event is expected to bring out many celebrities, businesspeople, and others attuned to the affluent lifestyle. This is Formula One’s first time back in Las Vegas since 1982 and all the big fanfare is expected for the outing. If high ticket prices are keeping you out of the stands, then pick any one of these three locations in the city to check out the race.

Sportsbook Lounges

Watching sports in Las Vegas goes hand-in-hand with the many sportsbooks and lounges found throughout the city. Many of these venues are free and close to other services you’d need throughout the day. Take advantage of sitting in comfort while watching this race and any other major event that may be going on that evening on the other screens. Many of these venues offer package deals that include food, drinks, and room service for those interested.

The High Roller

Are you afraid of heights? If not, then the Las Vegas High Roller may be a good option for you to catch some of the big race. This 550-foot-tall Ferris Wheel sits on the popular strip and operates throughout the evening. Regular admission is $35 per adult for a 30-minute ride. Unfortunately, that price may change as the race gets closer – but as it stands it’s a cheap option for anyone looking for a way to catch a view. At that price, you can take a few rides and still spend much less than many of the other venues located throughout the city.

Drai’s Beachclub Nightclub

Drai’s is one of the most popular locations in Las Vegas. Known for its jumping day parties and packed night events, this has become a venue that locals and visitors like to make a point to visit. No one should be surprised that Drai’s has a special attraction set up for Formula 1. The VISTA Las Vegas sits atop the venue roof and comes with food, drink, and entertainment. As if the company needed to up the excitement, Mark Wahlberg is scheduled to host. You can check out all the amenities while catching glimpses of the racers flying by below, all for the entry price of $395.

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