The dos and don'ts of your first trip to Miami, Florida

Miami Landmarks Light Up In Blue And Yellow In Solidarity With Ukraine
Miami Landmarks Light Up In Blue And Yellow In Solidarity With Ukraine / Joe Raedle/GettyImages

Traveling to Miami is perhaps one of the first trips many new travelers take. The pictures of beautiful people, beaches, and exciting nightlife make it easy to opine on everything that makes this South Florida city popular. But what should you know before you head to the airport? There’s a lot to take in and these quick hits are some dos and don’ts before traveling to Miami, Florida.

Do: Fly directly into Miami airport

Saving on airline tickets is a major part of traveling in today’s world. Thanks to corporate greed labeled as inflation, airline prices are soaring higher than some of the flights themselves. It’s understandable why someone would look for discounts or cheaper options to fly to Miami. One “tip” to avoid is flying into the Ft Lauderdale airport, then commuting to Miami.

On paper, this seems like a good idea, but that lower flight comes with additional costs. For one, you’ll have to commute from that airport to Miami, which can be a long and taxing trip. The drive itself could take 30 to 45 minutes, and that is with decent traffic. When the roads are backed up that trip will take longer and come at a higher price. Then there’s the time that is lost with such a trip. Both of those reasons are enough to fly right into Miami International Airport and make your trip easier to start with peace.

Do Not: Book a hotel on the Ocean Drive strip

The Ocean Drive strip is an attractive location in Miami. All the action is going down steps from the doors of many hotels in that area. But those hotels often come with higher fees because of that location. And even more so, many of those spots aren’t as modern as hotels you’ll find a bit farther out from the strip. Yes, you will incur transportation fees with either Uber or taking taxis, but that is a worthwhile cost when you can avoid the madness that tends to happen on Ocean Drive.

Do: Visit areas outside of Miami Beach

Miami Beach is just one part of Miami, and it’s not the only reason to visit the city. There are a lot of things to do outside of Ocean Drive and the beach. In fact, Miami Beach isn’t the only beach in the area. Travel to Wynwood to see some of the street art and visit the local bars in that area. Brickell is a great excursion for those that love to shop and experience a “slower” part of Miami.

While South Beach is the area that gets the most attention, Mid and North Beaches are also viable alternatives for those looking to sit out in the sun. Biscayne is also another popular destination and worth the trip when you’re in Florida.

Do Not: Fall victim to “specials” or “discounts”

This is especially true when walking down Ocean Drive. You’ll be approached by various “party promoters” with deals on tickets to venues that usually boast high entry fees, long lines, or VIP only. Or hostesses will attempt to lure you into their dining establishment with specials on food and drinks. Those “discounts” often come at higher costs which makes the meal more expensive than you would even expect. Instead, take the time to stake out the places you’d like to eat and make reservations. Miami has several excellent restaurants and nightlife attractions. You don’t need to make snap judgments under the idea that you’re saving money at the moment.

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