Three tips to save money on airline tickets

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It’s the summertime and travel is on everyone’s mind. Everything from hitting Miami Beach, going to Las Vegas, or heading up to the Northwest for skiing all sound like excellent ideas for vacations. Yet, surging ticket prices are causing many to second guess their ability to travel. Some will claim that inflation is having an impact when corporate greed should be the real conversation. Whatever the choice, travelers are still feeling the crunch. Here are three tips that will help you save money if you’re looking to hop on an airplane soon.

Travel during the offseason

This one can be hard to avoid. Memorial Day Weekend is considered the “kickoff” for summer travel, and it with being a long weekend for many, it’s an opportune time to travel. However, that is also an opportunity for airlines to charge their highest fees because more individuals are looking to get away. To avoid this issue, travel during the offseason will help you avoid massive price hikes.

Instead of traveling during holiday weekends, go the next weekend or a bit after that. Travel earlier and leave later after the long weekend to save additional dollars on your arrival and departure. If you can avoid buying tickets for those specific holiday dates, then you’re bound to save on your flight.

Use price trackers and alerts

Being prepared to buy at the right time is a big step in saving money. It’s nearly impossible to watch all airlines and track price fluctuation. But there’s an app for that. Services like Going (Formerly Scott's Cheap Flights) or Google Flights make it possible for you to set alerts on flights you’re watching. This allows you to track when flights within a specific time and location are at their lowest. When you receive the notification, you can jump on the lowest price available at the time.

Use points programs

Many airlines have created frequent flyer programs where travelers can earn points that can be applied to future flights. It may seem like a lot of points are needed to take advantage; the programs can help you save money along the way. If you find yourself traveling at least once a year, these programs can be beneficial.

Also, many credit cards, like the Chase Sapphire card for example, have point systems that can also be used to purchase airline tickets as well. If you’re using credit cards to manage daily expenses, and keeping your balance low, it is a good idea to allocate those points toward future travel to reward yourself.

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