New restaurants to visit in New York City, 2023 edition

Sunset in New York City
Sunset in New York City / Anadolu Agency/GettyImages

New York City is one of the most important cities in the United States. It’s a major economy, tourist attraction, central to many businesses, and home to millions of Americans. The diversity that overflows through the streets of NYC makes it an interesting addition to the top cities for foodies in the country. When looking at all the new restaurants popping up, these are the three that patrons should make a point of visiting.

Ella Funt

Ella Funt, yes, it’s a play on elephant, is a restaurant that fits well within the New York City nightlife scene. It’s not just about food and drinks here, but patrons can also enjoy shows and movies all close to each other. This restaurant is certainly for those looking to not only enjoy great food and drinks, but if you’re looking to boost your social media profile, how about taking a picture in the gold-plated bathroom?

The food menu isn’t as large as some of the other locations in this piece, but it’s enough for those looking to have a great night out. The wine and cocktails menu are something to see however, with many specialty drinks on the option, and a full bar for the standard drinks that are favorites around the world.


Sushi remains all the rave and Sugarfish is a new option for those looking to partake in New York City. The restaurant originates from Los Angeles and brings that flare to NYC with a robust sushi menu for fans of the cuisine.

Starting as low as $27, there are several options available for platters that include assortments of sushi. For example, Trust Me is available for lunch for customers that are looking to get their first taste of sushi. Then there’s the more experienced, Don’t Think. Just Eat. Trust Me, which features samples from nearly the entire menu. Sugarfish is located at 57 Wythe Avenue.

Boon Dee

Are you looking for an “all-you-can-eat” option when dining out in New York City? Then Boon Dee has everything to meet those needs. At the cost of $39.98 per person, you can enjoy a 90-minute Thai dinner that includes a variety of raw meats, seafood, noodles, and vegetables that can be combined to create the dish of your choice. Those meats include everything from pork, chicken, beef, and lamb. Appetizers and desserts are also available to round out the meal. Located at 168-11 Union Turnpike in Queens, this is a spot that you must hit if you’re looking to take in a meal to fill you to the brim.

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