Wineries are a popular option when planning an outing

No one wants to continue doing the same thing each time they go out. Look into the wineries near you to get a new experience that is welcoming to everyone.
The white wine called Jaw-Dropper White produced by Stylolite, the new winery from Crafty Bastard.
The white wine called Jaw-Dropper White produced by Stylolite, the new winery from Crafty Bastard. / Keenan Thomas/Knoxville News Sentinel /

The seasons are changing. It is getting chilly outside and the days are getting shorter. While some are fighting off seasonal depression and others are excited about the return of pumpkin spice, many others are still looking for exciting options outdoors to spend their free time. If you’re looking for something to do during the Fall months, then you should explore the winery scene near you. Visiting local venues can go a long way in introducing you to a different way to partake in wine and food, while enjoying those you hold dear.

Visiting a winery can quickly become a whole experience. Some may have the perception that the establishments are packed with elites looking down their noses as they sip wine and talk about their children’s private schooling – but that is far from the truth. Wine tastings and events are becoming a more inclusive space that welcomes people from all walks of life, both the experienced wine drinker and someone who is jumping into the space for the first time.

There are several reasons why people enjoy trips to wineries as opposed to late nights in crowded bars. For example, many of these venues feature in-depth tours that can take you out into the fields where the very ingredients to make your favorite wines are grown. Sometimes, you can participate in the action, either picking your own grapes or smashing them in a barrel. When pairing that with the beauty of nature as it changes during the Fall season, this can quickly become a sight worth taking in. Some establishments even allow you to stay overnight to truly take in all the sights.

While visiting these establishments, you can taste the large variety of wines available. These are often available for purchase, and members can get special deals or offers. The prices at the winery itself are frequently cheaper than those found in stores, creating another benefit for visiting the site.

It is always good to try out new experiences when looking for something to do. Visiting a winery can be an engaging and enjoyable outing for everyone involved.

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