Three tips to make your airline experience less stressful

Taking a flight should be an easy experience and the kickoff or end to a great vacation. Practice these tips to remove as much stress from your airline time as possible.

Passengers at Pensacola International Airport go through security checks Sunday, July 2, 2023.
Passengers at Pensacola International Airport go through security checks Sunday, July 2, 2023. / John Blackie/ / USA

It’s travel season and millions of people throughout the United States and billions around the world are hopping on planes to reach their favorite destinations. When it comes to traveling, arriving, and departing on your trip can be the most frustrating part of the experience. If all you want to do is have a wonderful time on your vacation, then take the early steps to make sure your flights go smoothly to avoid being in a grouchy mood when you land. Here are three tips to stay comfortable when traveling by air.

Dress for comfort

Being in the airport can often become a battle for comfort. One big step you can take to make sure you win the contest is to dress comfortably. Wearing a light t-shirt or simple athletic wear like tights or sweatpants can keep you comfortable throughout the trip. You’re not in the airport to win a fashion show. We’ve all seen those individuals who are dressed in their best to catch a plane. Generations ago, flying used to be an experience only for the rich and famous, but that is no longer the case and your clothing should reflect that.

However, one side note. If you’re going to wear slides or flip flops, have socks on hand. Do not be that person walking around the plane or airport barefoot. No one wants that.

Sign up for a TSA program

TSA programs are the MVPs of a less stressful flight experience. Programs like TSA Precheck or Global Entry can make it exponentially faster to get through security, which also cuts down on the rush to get to the airport early. Neither of these programs is expensive, but they both can take time to get access to enjoy – just like securing a passport. Take the time to complete the application processes either during the winter or months before a major summer trip to take advantage of the services.

Check in online

Another tip to avoid long lines is to check in for your flight early. Many airline companies are offering early check-in services either through online platforms or mobile apps. In fact, download the mobile app to stay up to date on your flight and travel arrangements. Checking in early allows you to avoid the long lines at the counter, arrive at your gate early, and take one major step when you arrive at the airport. If you must check bags that becomes a bit of a longer process, but using the mobile function will still help with it.

Traveling should be a fun experience from start to finish. Follow these steps to get the most out of your vacation and keep the stress to a minimum.

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