Three 'must-visit' nightlife venues in Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington is known as a major city on the West Coast for several reasons, but that includes a bustling nightlife with several different attractions to serve your every desire.
Downtown Seattle
Downtown Seattle / Paul Mounce - Corbis/GettyImages

Seattle, Washington is a sneaky fun location for travelers looking to move around the United States. This city is a location known for its beauty and being highly sought after by those who love nature. With mountains, forests, and large parks, one would forget that it’s also a tech bastion with major companies like Microsoft and Amazon calling it home. Seattle is such an attractive place to live for younger individuals, and it’s to no one’s surprise that it features some excellent attractions for those looking to enjoy the nightlife scene.

The Rendezvous

If you’re someone who enjoys the exclusive nature of the nightlife industry, this is a spot that fits you. The Rendezvous has been around for nearly 100 years and remains a staple within the entertainment industry. It’s a restaurant, speakeasy, and screening room all in one. Do you want to go to a space that you can call a dive bar, but also get fancy at the same time? Then check out The Rendezvous where you can order a meal or just sit back and enjoy craft cocktails all night.

Q Nightclub

Low key and Q Nightclub are two phrases that should not be used together in any sense. This is a spot for those that want to dance the night away in a packed nightclub with multiple floors. The venue features popular DJs and artists from across the music industry, playing a wide range of music within Hip Hop, Dance, and EDM genres. If you want to dance but also get some comfort while partying, you can secure VIP and bottle packages to make your night even more exclusive.

Easy Street Records & Café

Easy Street Records is a perfect name to describe the atmosphere of this Seattle staple. This is a type of bar you can visit to grab food and drinks, while keeping things quiet for the evening. It has a real nostalgic feel to it, right down to the menus on the back of old records. This is certainly the type of spot that locals can bring visitors to check out, or even come in on their own time to hide out from the world.

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