Pregame like a pro before going out

Everyone enjoys a night out in the streets, but setting the tone before walking through the door with the right pregame goes a long way to creating the perfect evening.

Owner Megan Sheridan mixes up a Beach Comber cocktail (gray whale gin, chareau aloe liqueur,
Owner Megan Sheridan mixes up a Beach Comber cocktail (gray whale gin, chareau aloe liqueur, / MEEGAN M. REID/KITSAP SUN / USA TODAY

It’s time to go out. You’re ready to hit the streets for what will be a long and hopefully exciting night of partying. But before you and your friends step out, there’s one step that you need to check off the list: The Pregame. Just like you would prepare for an athletic event, the pregame is the warmup before the party starts. But to get the most out of said warmup, here are some tips for your pregame practice.

The Playlist

The music will set the tone for the night. Just like everyone has a soundtrack to their life, nights out can have a soundtrack of their own. Going out with your friends should be an upbeat affair with music to match. In fact, the music on your pregame playlist isn’t just for the pregame activities, but for getting dressed as well. Pick out the best tunes that fit the type of night and the venues you will hit throughout the evening. Show off your mixtape-building skills with the perfect playlist.

Bring Something

If you are going to a friend’s house to pregame, then you better not show up empty-handed. Grab a bottle or case of something as an offering as you walk through the door. If you don’t want to bring a drink, then you can grab some snack food for the group. Drinks and food are getting more and more expensive every month, so helping with what’s available at the pregame helps save money for everyone.

The Cleanup

When the pregame is over and everyone is heading out, do what you can to help with the cleaning. No one wants to come home to a messy house, especially when they offered it up to friends for a night out. Drink out of plastic cups. Take out the trash. Rinse off dishes to make washing easier. There are many small steps you can take while having fun to make the responsibility of cleaning up much less painful on the backend.

Stay Safe

This is always the biggest and most important part of any evening out. If you’re driving to the pregame location, don’t plan to drive home until you are sober. If you’re the designated driver for the evening, stay sober because you’re the one responsible for getting everyone around and back home safely. This is a fun night out, don’t skip this tip to make sure it stays that way.

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