Four Washington DC bars to add to your rotation

Washington DC features a packed nightlife scene and these venues are well worth a visit, offering something different than local staples.
The moon rises over US capital of Washington DC
The moon rises over US capital of Washington DC / Anadolu Agency/GettyImages

The Nation’s Capital features a bustling nightlife with several different attractions. In recent years, fashionable cocktail bars have continued to pop up in the city. Many of these new locations offer a different flare than many of the local favorites that have remained city staples for years. This piece looks at four new cocktail bars that should be on your list to visit during your next outing, either with friends or during a solo drinking session.

Death & Co. D.C.

Want to go to Death & Co.? Then you need to get ready for a lengthy wait. The popular NYC establishment has come to DC and brought its sense of style and profile with it. The venue took on the challenge of replacing what was known as the Columbia Room and so far, it has lived up to expectations.

This is a place where you will experience some interesting and unique cocktails while paying a strong price to do so. If you’re a connoisseur of alcoholic beverages, make it a point to get on the long wait list for Death & Co. because you will not be disappointed.

Sports & Social

The Smith on U Street closed during the COVID-19 pandemic and for a while the building remained closed off. It’s recently opened and the new location embraces the social aspect of sports fandom, bringing them together for Sports & Social.

If you’re looking for a place to watch the game or the games at once, this is the spot for you. There are 13 HD TVs located within eyeshot and the 25-food LED media wall stands dead center as the main attraction. There’s also space for private events and viewings available upon reservation. While Sports & Social may be a nationwide chain, it’s certainly a spot to keep on your list when it’s time to check out any major sports events.

Little Blackbird

Little Blackbird is a different addition to this list, focusing on wine instead of just a cocktail menu. This spot is certainly a venue for those looking to have a quieter night out with food and drink. Little Blackbird has a robust menu with several strong meal options. But what makes Little Blackbird stand out is its wine offerings. But what also stands out is that the establishment doesn’t take itself too seriously. For example, on Halloween customers could get a glass of wine along with a piece of their favorite candy. Call it Trick or Treating for adults.

The Green Zone

If Little Blackbird is an establishment for those looking for a low-key evening in Washington DC, The Green Zone is on the opposite end of that spectrum. Located in the popular Adam’s Morgan, The Green Zone is a new venue that offers cocktails based on countries throughout the Middle East. During the weekend many customers pack into the location to enjoy music and dancing to tunes both local to the United States and from Arabic and Middle Eastern artists.

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