Three hidden attractions in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is a major city in the United States, with hundreds of tourists walking the streets each day. But these are three hidden attractions that are worth seeing while avoiding the large crowds.
Jun 29, 2023; Washington, D.C., USA; The Lincoln Memorial is seen in the distance through hazy and
Jun 29, 2023; Washington, D.C., USA; The Lincoln Memorial is seen in the distance through hazy and / Jack Gruber-USA TODAY

Washington, D.C. is a major tourist attraction in the United States. That’s understandable, as the nation’s capital there is a lot to take in within this beautiful city. There are thousands of tourists coming here on a weekly basis to take in the sights, including locations like the Washington Monument, Martin Luther King Jr Monument, multiple museums and more. But if you are looking to enjoy this city at excellent, but less-frequented attractions, here are three hidden gems within Washington, D.C.

The Washington National Cathedral

The Washington National Cathedral is still used for worship today but is also a popular attraction in the city. Using either a guided or self-service tour, you can see many of the key aspects of the architecture, the art on display, and more within the building and the grounds surrounding it. There is even a behind-the-scenes tour that allows you to visit the main floor, crypt, and other locations throughout the building.

Ford’s Theatre

Ford’s Theatre holds an infamous place in American history. It is the location where John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln after the Civil War. You can visit the location which is still in near-perfect setup as it did back in 1865. You can retrace Booth’s exit plan through the Baptist Alley and see the route Lincoln’s wounded body was taken to administer care. Located in a central area of Washington, D.C., this is an attraction that is easy to miss, but worth the visit for an intriguing look at that faithful day.

MLK Jr. Time Capsule

The monument to Martin Luther King Jr highlights the importance that he held to this country’s history. That plot of land is frequented throughout the year, especially on his birthday and other important dates within the continuing fight for Civil Rights. However, it is not the only historic display to him that is available to the public. Freedom Plaza holds a time capsule with many of his belongings kept in excellent condition. These items include books, his robe, and much more. It is well worth the trip to get another look at a man whose legacy continues today.

Whether you are a first-time visitor or a DC local that has forgotten about all the history within its boundaries, these are three great but often-hidden attractions within the city.

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