Three West Coast cities to visit this summer, 2023 edition

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Summer begins on June 21, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until then to travel for a vacation. Memorial Day Weekend kicked off what is expected to be another action-packed season of travel for millions throughout the United States. But where you should go is a question that can be taxing for some to answer. If you’re looking for a spot to go out west, then these are three cities on the West Coast that should be on your list as they offer many types of attractions, activities and more for all travelers.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Any list about traveling out west should include Las Vegas, Nevada. This is an intimidating city to travel to as many have mixed feelings about it. But the experienced and novice traveler can find something worth their time in this town 24 hours a day. Yes, you can gamble, but why focus on the easy task if traveling out west? Las Vegas has a plethora of amazing restaurants, nightclubs, shows, and much more. Yes, the city can be overwhelming, but with the right amount of planning, food, water, and rest – it becomes a city that can be equally exciting to tackle for your West Coast vacation.

San Diego, California

When people often think of traveling to California, going to Los Angeles is the first place that comes to mind. But that doesn’t need to be the case as San Diego has more than enough to offer travelers at all points in their lives. Beaches, high-end shopping, amusement parks and much more make this a location worth hitting during the summer. Everything from the San Diego Zoo to Balboa Park, and the La Jolla Shores are just a few of the major attractions that are in this beautiful city.

Seattle, Washington

If you want to go out west but stay in a more “laid-back” city, then Seattle, Washington is the place for you. A city that many may consider the birthplace of coffeehouse culture, Seattle offers a lot for those looking to travel without the hustle and bustle that can come with some other major cities. Of course, you can hit the Space Needle to see one of the highest attractions in the country. But other opportunities like traveling to the San Juan Islands or visiting the busy fish market await. Seattle is certainly a city worth a visit for the experienced traveler.

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