Three tips for beginners to become better bartenders

Bartending is a skill worth developing and these are three tips that will go a long way in helping you achieve that goal.
'It's a Match' is one of The Wellington in Belmont's summer cocktails.
'It's a Match' is one of The Wellington in Belmont's summer cocktails. / Wicked Local photo/Joanna Tzouvelis /

Bartending is a skill that many wish they were capable of mastering. The flare of mixing drinks for friends, making a few quick dollars, and being the driving force behind a night out – all those experiences come when you’re a skilled bartender. But for those looking to start out, these are some tips that are imperative to get started on the right track.

Use Premium Liquors

Yes, premium liquors come at premium costs, but it is the easiest step to take when looking to improve your drink-making abilities. You don’t have to use the expensive options every time you make a drink, but doing so will help you get accustomed to stronger flavors. Using cheaper drinks will certainly have an impact on the drinks that you make, but they are still a good option when you’re evaluating things. As you get more used to putting together the ingredients that will give you the outcomes you desire, build up to using premium liquors each time out.

Stay Cool

Keeping everything involved with your bartending chilled. This means glasses, shakers, and of course the ice exceptionally cold. There are several types of cocktail glasses available that you can keep in the freezer to make sure they are below room temperature. Keep ample ice on hand when making drinks. There are even substitute options for ice that you can keep chilled in the freezer. No one likes a warm drink and taking this easy step goes a long way in making sure your drinks are enjoyable.

Individual Servings vs Pitchers

Most people think of making individual drinks when bartending at home but don’t forget about making pitchers for group sessions as well. Think about the bottomless mimosas at brunch, everyone loves the ability to pour their own serving while enjoying the event. You can apply that same logic to other drinks as well, such as margaritas, mojitos, and other options. You might want to throw together something old-fashioned as an individual serving, but don’t be afraid to make full pitchers when making drinks for groups.

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