Three cocktails to add to your fall season catalog

Switch up your menu in the fall with these three cocktails as the summer months come to an end.
The Good Ol' Smokey, an Old Fashioned cocktail prepared by bartender Tommy Quintano at Archie Grand
The Good Ol' Smokey, an Old Fashioned cocktail prepared by bartender Tommy Quintano at Archie Grand / Mark Vergari/The Journal News / USA

The leaves are changing. The days are getting a little cooler and shorter. Does that mean it’s time to put away the libations? Absolutely not. With Autumn right around the corner, you may want to break out some new cocktails to highlight the season. These are three additions to your mixing rotation that are good touches to the season.

Apple Cider Sangria

Sangria is an important drink during the spring and summer months. The combination of wine, spirits, and fruits mix perfectly with the warm weather, friends, and outdoor settings. Take that application and move it over to the cooler months of fall. The apple cider sangria adds apple cider and ginger brandy to the equation. These two ingredients give the drink a bit of a “heavier” feel and taste, to accentuate the changing season.

Caramel Apple Old Fashioned

The old-fashioned is a staple drink in many, a go-to option in the catalog. There are several variations of the drink, with some throwing in new flavors into the mix. The caramel apple old fashioned screams of the county fair where the caramel apple is a prized snack. You can even switch things up by alternating between different types of red and green apples to mix up the taste and sweetness.

Honey Pear Sparkling Cocktail

Imagine taking pears, roasting them in honey, and adding syrup to them into a sparkling wine. If you are into sweet drinks, then this is right up your alley. Break out this special take on sparkling wine to add to any celebration. You can even switch this up and make a non-alcoholic for those at the party who aren’t trying to drink.

Having a rotation of drinks based on the seasons is a great way to up your drinking game. These three options would work well in your catalog.

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