These are must-visit nightclubs if you're partying in Las Vegas, 2023 edition

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Summertime is upon us. The days and nights will now get packed with pool parties, drinks with friends, and expensive dinners. For those of us planning to travel for all those experiences, Las Vegas is one of the cities best known for all types of shenanigans. If you’re headed out to Vegas at some point this year, these are the nightclubs that are calling your name for an excellent experience on the town.


Hakkasan is the “elder statesman” on this list, but it’s still an excellent attraction. Located in the MGM Grand, this is a spot that some may overlook because it has been around for so long, but the nights at Hakkasan still get packed from start to finish.

Hakkasan is known for its spectacular lights and laser shows, making it perfect for those looking to get content for their social media profiles. It is a massive club, with multiple bars, a huge dance floor and VIP seating. Tables and bottle service are expensive, but that is the best bet for those looking to get into the club. If you’re unsure of where to go or unable to get into other, newer clubs – Hakkasan is a surefire bet for a good night out.  

Commonwealth / Laundry Room

Commonwealth and Laundry Room are the sleeper hits in Las Vegas. The reason why they are listed together is that Laundry Room is a speakeasy located inside Commonwealth.

Commonwealth is the party area, where DJs pump music from above a packed dance floor. This venue can easily become a reminder for those that long for the days of packed house or college parties. The music can range from EDM and House to Top 40.

If you can find the secret entrance to Laundry Room, this is a low key spot where you can sit at the bar and sip a drink or two. It’s the perfect contrast to the party going on in the next room, and a spot you can sneak away to, or visit for a more low-key affair.

Drai’s Nightclub

Drai’s Nightclub has perhaps become one of the most popular day and nightclub combinations in not only Las Vegas, but all the United States. This venue features some of the biggest acts in Hip Hop taking over its stages. That is mixed in with major names spinning their sets as well. Many will look at Drai’s as more of a day party atmosphere because of the excellent pool amenities that stay packed during the season. The nightclub is also a great attraction for those that are fans of high-style nightlife.

As with many other locations in Las Vegas, getting into Drai’s without a table reservation can be a challenge. But if you have a group of friends or can swing the high price, this is certainly a club you should hit.

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