The Margarita: How to switch up this staple to make it special again

The margarita is a drink that everyone enjoys, but it often needs a change to keep things fresh. These tips will help you switch up your margaritas to keep it enjoyable.
A margarita drink in Playa del Carmen on the east coast of...
A margarita drink in Playa del Carmen on the east coast of... / Wolfgang Kaehler/GettyImages

Everyone has their go-to drinks. It’s the choice that you break out like comfort food when you are not sure what to choose off the menu or want something that you can trust. For a lot of people, that comfort drink is the margarita. It’s the drink that even the most cultured alcohol connoisseur can pick up and enjoy. But what if you wanted to change things up? Here are some ways you can “punch up” the classic drink that is the margarita.

A great margarita starts with tequila. When at a bar, the mixologist may throw in the standard house tequila. But you can switch up the base of the drink to make things a little bit different and add some flare to your outcomes. Instead of sticking with either the blanco or reposado options of tequila, change things up by selecting an anejo or joven version of tequila. Anejo and joven translate to old and young, both of which will have an impact on how your drink tastes.

If you really want to get wild, throw out the tequila entirely and break out a mezcal. Choosing mezcal over tequila will give your drink a “heavier” taste that some will classify as a smoother option.

What if you’re drinking during the summer? It’s hot out, you may be on a rooftop taking in the sun. Want to enjoy a margarita but would like to be cooled down? How about a frozen margarita instead? Now, your margarita goes from a cool drink to a refreshing treat. Even more so, there are vendors that package frozen margaritas like the popsicle treats from decades ago, making this an adult version of a childhood favorite.

Throwing in a little spice can also change up your drink. Many stick to salt or sugar around their rim but take those away and use Tajin instead. The Latino condiment is a must-have for many, but some are afraid to try it with their margaritas. Go for broke and request that this is added to your rim for a quite different taste you’re bound to enjoy. If you want to go above and beyond, throw a jalapeno pepper into your drink to top things off.

Trying out new types of alcoholic beverages is one of the biggest attractions to drinking. But over time, everyone builds their base of some drinks they will continue to go back to. Margaritas tend to top that list for some and take these tips to change up what some may call the “elder statesman” of beverages.

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