Passport Heavy is a must-follow group for anyone learning about travel

Travel influencers continue to spread the word about where to go, but Passport Heavy excels in breaking through to the why, how, and where to go in a way that tells the full story for anyone interested.
Beach of Caye Caulker during a sunny day...
Beach of Caye Caulker during a sunny day... / Jorge Fernández/GettyImages

There was a time when traveling to other countries was tough to imagine for some outside of books or maybe news reports. The growth of the travel influence has helped bring the great visuals found all around the world right into the palm of our hands. Knowing who to follow is a big part of the challenge as some can quickly become problematic for a variety of reasons. However, there is one group that stands out as a star among all travel influencer groups and that is Passport Heavy, a group that all travelers and those interested in traveling should follow.

Passport Heavy is what one would consider more of a travel media brand, rather than a travel influencer – but their content can certainly influence people to travel and where to go. Founded in 2010 by Jubril Agoro, the group shines a light on locals and aspects of travel that may not be at the forefront of any thought leaders’ minds in the space.

The content from Passport Heavy is cinematic-level quality, matching some of the top documentaries found on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, of Max. They blend in exquisite shots, music, and commentary to tell the true story about what makes each of those experiences and locations special. This isn’t content just for those looking to travel on the beach or find the best clubs in a known area, instead they dive into the why of every place they visit; sharing their stories from the point of view that matters most – the people that live there.

The content from Passport Heavy covers such areas like Belize, Ethiopia, Rwanda and more. But on the other side, they bring out content like party boats, high-priced vacations in Miami, or how to save money on hotels – all within the same channel. This is the perfect channel for people looking to not only learn about where to travel, but what to do, how to get there, and the why. The research is even put together in travel guides that are available for download on the company’s website.

The Internet is a great place to find valuable content for those looking to answer important questions. If you have those questions about travel, then Passport Heavy is a must-follow as you get that passport stamped.

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