Five of the most anticipated new theme park rides in 2023

Roller coaster at sunset
Roller coaster at sunset / Gary Hershorn/GettyImages

Amusement parks are a major attraction during the summer vacation season. Patrons can visit parks throughout the country to enjoy thrill rides, shows, water rides, and of course the giant roller coasters. Each year, roller coasters seem to get bigger and more death-defying to draw in the attention and revenue from those traveling to get a ride. This piece looks at some of the most anticipated new roller coasters set to open this year.

TRON Lightcycle Run

If you’re heading to Orlando, Florida this summer, be sure to visit Walt Disney World to check out the new ride, TRON Lightcycle Run. This is certainly a ride for those that are fans of the TRON series and video games alike. The ride opened back on April 4, and Disney is hyping it up as one of the fastest to ever be installed at a Disney theme park. This is a ride that is calling for those who want to experience a roller coaster that mixes sci-fi, speed, and the music from the series all into one thrilling showcase.

Wildcat’s Revenge

Hershey Park is a staple in North American theme parks and it is getting a new ride this summer. Wildcat’s Revenge is a hybrid steel and wood roller coaster that has some ridiculous drops and inversions. The marketing language for the ride claims it has the “world’s largest underflip” which should be more than enough to attract those looking to have their stomachs tossed around. Then there is the 82-degree drop to top things off, and Wildcat’s Revenge sounds like a ride that should be a big hit for years to come.

Aquaman: Power Wave

Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington has a new water ride that should be on the list for any fan looking to take in water parks this season. Aquaman: Power Wave looks to combine riding on a boat water ride with a roller coaster. This ride features a 90-degree drop into a giant splash while reaching 63 MPH. This ride is now open.

Zambezi Zinger

Zambezi Zinger might be the best new attraction in theme parks. Located at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri, it is another mix of wood and steel. It is an African-themed ride that will hit 45 MPH at key parts during the experience. While that isn’t the fastest on this list, with its mix of twists, turns, and spirals, it’s the exact type of ride that will leave roller coaster lovers shaken up.

Catapult Falls

Catapult Falls at Sea World San Antonio is another combination of roller coaster and water ride that can’t miss. It has a massive drop that comes after what is considered the only vertical lift in North America. One of the most interesting points is that the carts will continue to sway as if you’re riding in a boat while going along the track at the same time. You will not leave this ride dry, so expect a lot of screams and splashes along the way.