Essential grilling tools you need to be top chef

Every loves pulling off a successful afternoon of grilling. To give off the vibes that you're the top chef in the neighborhood, make sure you have these three items in your toolkit.
Cevaps are grilled at Serbfest at the Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church, in South Bend, on
Cevaps are grilled at Serbfest at the Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church, in South Bend, on / MATTIE NERETIN / USA TODAY NETWORK

Don’t look at the calendar. Summer 2023 is coming to a close. Kids are headed back to school and in one month the season will flip over to Autumn. But before you cry doom and gloom, take a moment to break out the grill one more time to celebrate what is summertime. If you’re looking to be the top grill master, add these tools to your roster to give yourself a leg up.


Just like your favorite mechanic, a grill master should have a toolkit that includes all the items pertinent to cooking. That means a spatula, tongs, and a thermometer at least. Yes, you can buy high-end versions of each of these items, which is what you should eventually upgrade to as your skills grow. But as you’re starting out, look for complete toolkits that come with each of these items and others. This is a great starting spot as you develop your skills on the grill and a way to solve the panicked situation of missing something that you need.

Grilling Gloves

Grilling gloves are another multi-purpose tool that should be in your grilling set. These gloves come into play for everything with setting up, cooking the meal, and cleaning. Some chefs even have separate pairs for specific purchases. Make sure you purchase a set that is durable. This keeps them from breaking down quickly and failing you in the heat of use which can cause personal injury.

Grill Brush and Scraper

Cleaning your grill is one of the most important steps in the process. You should clean both before and after finishing each grilling session. Having a quality brush and scraper makes sure you can clean all the grime off every section of the grill. Buying high-quality cleaning equipment makes sure it lasts, but also gives you the best clean for your grill, which is an important piece of making safe and enjoyable meals.

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