20 Best Golf Courses In Miami

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Golden Palm

A spectacular par-3 at Trump Doral’s Golden Palm. Photo Credit: Yelp

There are so many great golf courses in the Miami area. We’ve broken down the 20 best for you.

As a golfer, Miami is like the one birthday present that you always wanted. Miami has courses for every skill level, from the first-time player to the seasoned professional. There are courses that have challenged some of golf’s greatest players, and there are ones for players who are only out for a delightful afternoon of exercise.

Determining the best golfers for any given round or tournament is easy. Simply look at the leader board and there you have it. But golf courses don’t have the luxury of teeing off and competing.

So we set out to find the 20 best golf courses in the Miami area. And we gathered them using player feedback with the assistance of GolfAdvisor.com. We considered player ratings, conditions, pace of play, course difficulty, practice facilities, clubhouse amenities, convenience of location and the overall beauty of the course.

So this is our Miami golf course leader board. How does it compare to yours?

Note: Yardages quoted from the tips.

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